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Our Top 10 Paid Surveys Chart provides you with an easy guide to finding best Paid Surveys websites.
The Paid Surveys websites reviewed below provide highest paying surveys along with excellent customer service.

| Paid Surveys - UP - Up from previous week | Paid Surveys - DOWN
- Down from previous week | Paid Surveys - NO CHANGE - No Change from previous week |

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Rank Name Description Editor's Rating
1 Paid Surveys - UP Paid Surveys Free Editor's Pick Paid Surveys This is consistently the best performing website. Costs a little bit more than others, but you get access to better quality and better paying surveys. This one is our Editor's Pick for Paid Surveys sites. 5-Star Paid Surveys Award Editor's Pick Paid Surveys
Paid Surveys Free Review
2 Paid Surveys - NO CHANGE Paid Surveys Online Paid Surveys Online is one of the originals in the Paid Surveys industry. Still performs better than most others. 5-Star Paid Surveys Award
Paid Surveys Online Review
3 Paid Surveys - NO CHANGE Survey Scout Survey Scout has been around for a while and offer quality surveys. They also give you an instant $25 survey. 5-Star Paid Surveys Award
Survey Scout Review
4 Paid Surveys - DOWN Express Surveys Express Surveys offers Paid Surveys as well as includes three other "Get Paid to..." packages.

5-Star Paid Surveys Award
Express Surveys Review

5 Paid Surveys - UP Survey Platinum Survey Platinum is a new entrant to the Paid Surveys industry and they are already establishing themselves as a quality provider of paid surveys. 5-Star Paid Surveys Award
Survey Platinum Review
6 Paid Surveys - DOWN Cash For Surveys One of the rising stars in the Paid Surveys industry. Get Cash For Surveys claims you can make $10.00 in just 8 Minutes, over and over working from home. 4-Star Paid Surveys Award
Cash For Surveys Review
7 Paid Surveys - NO CHANGE Work Online for Pay In addition to having an excellent Paid Surveys program where you'll be paid hourly wages in cash, you can also earn points to redeem for free stuff, such as airline miles, free TV's, DVD players, etc. 4-Star Paid Surveys Award
Work Online for Pay Review
8 Paid Surveys - NO CHANGE Get Paid 4 Free We really like this new Paid Surveys program. Get Paid 4 Free already has a huge database of over 600 companies. 4-Star Paid Surveys Award
Get Paid 4 Free Review
9 Paid Surveys - UP Survey Junction This up and comer offers over 13 different programs, such as Paid Surveys, get paid to try new products, get paid to watch TV, etc. We are definitely keeping a close eye on this one as it climbs the chart. 4-Star Paid Surveys Award
Survey Junction Review
10 Paid Surveys - DOWN Paid Surveys at Home This site is a bit less expensive than the others, but the quality of the members area reflects this. Although you initially will save a small amount of money by using this site, overall you will probably get paid more with the sites above, because of their more extensive and well research databases of survey companies. 3-Star Paid Surveys Award
Paid Surveys at Home Review
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Best of the Rest

These companies did not make our Top 10 Paid Surveys list this week. After all, there can only be 10 on the Top 10 list. But these are all still very good companies, and are all strong contenders for the Top 10 Paid Surveys each week. They're worth checking out.

Name Description Editor's Rating
Paid Online Surveys Take online surveys, phone surveys, participate in focus groups, preview movie trailers. N/A
Clickin' it Rich Working from home, using nothing but affiliate programs. N/A
Get Paid for Your Opinion Take online surveys, participate in focus groups, test new products. N/A
Paid Survey Services Take online surveys, preview movie trailers. Simple pre-qualify form. N/A
Golden Survey Take online surveys, get paid to drive your car, shop, and eat. N/A
Emergency Cash Generator 101 different money making techniques. N/A
Survey Profits Online Get paid to eat, shop, read e-mail, play golf, and take paid surveys. N/A
Surveys Paid Product testing, online surveys, focus groups. N/A
Premium Surveys Take online surveys, play games online, get paid to shop.. N/A

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